About Cubs

Cub Scouts sometimes seem to be speaking a different language. At cubs our program and learning is based around the theme of The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling’s.  Our leaders are named after characters of the book, Youth are allocated to a Six, and will wear the colour patch of their Six on their left sleeve.  The Sixer, who wears a Sixer badge on their pocket, is responsible for the members of the Six and acts as team captain in games etc.  They are assisted by a Second who wears a Second badge.

If your child has moved up from Joeys they can continue to wear their Joey uniform including scarf and woggle until the day of their investiture where they will wear their cub uniform shirt but not their scarf or woggle these are part of the investiture ceremony.  The cub uniform shirt can be worn before investiture, although is not required. Scarf, woggle and badges cannot. All are required for the investiture.

Uninvested “New Chums” do not participate in “Grand Howl” during parade or salute the flag. Joeys linking also do not participate in the “Grand Howl” but can salute the flag.

Badge work is not compulsory but helps your Cub Scout get the most out of Scouting.

Badges & Awards

·        Boomerang Badges

There are special Boomerang Badges earned at cubs and there are 3 levels to this Bronze, Silver and Gold.  A youth member will be started at the appropriate level for the age they are when they begin their cub journey. Boomerang work is usually incorporated into the programming of Pack activities although occasionally there is a requirement for your child to work on parts at home. Boomerang challenges contain Scouting and life skills and prepare your Cub Scout for life in general as well as the Scout section.

·        Achievement Badges

There are a total of 34 Achievement badges organised in 4 categories to choose from and each badge has two levels (green and maroon).  Cub Scouts can work on those badges that are of interest to them.  They should choose the level which is a challenge to them, not just the level which is the easiest. Our suggestion is for 8-9 year olds to look at level 1 and 9-10 year olds to aim for level 2

Cub Scouts should discuss the badge with a Leader before commencing it to make sure they understand the requirements.  Once the requirements are completed the Cub Scout informs a Leader who will check that all requirements have been met.  Badges cannot be examined by the child’s parents or relatives unless agreed in advance with a Leader.  It is our policy that Leaders and Badge Examiners do not sign badge work for their own child.

·        Grey Wolf Award

The highest award that a Cub Scout can earn is the Grey Wolf Award. To receive the Grey Wolf Award a Cub Scout must be 10 years old and have completed all requirements before their 11th birthday. The Grey wolf award is not for every cub and is something for each cub to discuss with their Leader and Parents.