About Scouts

Scouts are for boys and girls aged 11 to 14 and are the most well-known section of the Scouting Movement – Scouts is where the action is! If you are passionate about action then you’re a Scout! Every day will make your adrenaline rush when you participate in a range of action-packed activities. Whether you’re mastering the art of outdoor safety, participating in amateur radio shows and performing arts productions, or attending the ultimate Scouting adventure of a Jamboree, you’ll learn life-long skills that you can teach your friends. At Scouts you’ll become a member of a Scout Patrol and your Patrol will work with other Patrols to form a larger Scout Troop. Together you’ll make important decisions, set critical goals, and depend on each other to succeed. And when you do succeed, you can earn achievement badges! Action is at the core of all Scouting activities. Whether they are tackling a river in a kayak or learning knot tying at a Troop meeting, our program ensures that our Scouts never stand still!

Badges & Awards

The Scout Section Award Scheme includes a number of components:

·         Scoutcraft Badge – facilitates entry into the Scout Troop and teaches or reinforces basic Scout skills.

·         Target Badges – eight targets (campcraft, citizenship, air activities, construction, environment, water safety, emergencies or water activities) that provide the main source of program material and aim to encourage participation and develop basic skills.

·         Proficiency Badges

·         Patrol Activity Badges

·         Cords – there are three cords which can be achieved on the progress towards the top Scout award.

·         The Scout Leadership Course - designed to provide suitable leadership skills for Scouts with a practical hands-on approach.

·         The Leadership Activity – allows a Scout to demonstrate significant personal development and an active leadership role.

·         The Australian Scout Medallion - the ultimate Scout award.


Pioneer Cord

The first step towards gaining the Australian Scout Medallion is to achieve a Pioneer Cord. To gain a Pioneer Cord a Scout needs to complete the Pioneer Badge, two Proficiency Badges and one Patrol Activity Badge.

Explorer Cord

To gain an Explorer Cord a Scout needs to complete the Explorer Badge, two more Proficiency Badges, and one more Patrol Activity Badge.

Adventurer Cord

To gain an Adventurer Cord a Scout needs to complete the Adventurer Badge, another two Proficiency Badges and another Patrol Activity Badge.

Australian Scout Medallion

Introduced in 2003 to provide an additional challenge for the top Scouts, the Australian Scout Medallion combines a number of key learning elements into one project, from the initial planning right through to the final self-assessment.

To be eligible for this prestigious award, a Scout must have attended a Scout Leadership Course and achieved the Adventurer Cord. Some examples of previous projects include the organisation of Cub Pack holidays, coordinating a Clean Up Australia Day site, and fundraising to purchase new equipment.